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2GB of Free, Encrypted Backup for Emails with Mozy

Use Mozy to save your important emails and email contacts and address book. Just follow the simple steps below:
  • Sign up for Mozy. You will receive an email with a link for you to click on in order to download the program.

  • Once you have downloaded and installed Mozy, the program should do an automatic first configuration. If for some reason it doesn't, click on the configure option. The program initially reads the files that you have available for backup and helpfully sorts them into categories for you. In the screen capture below you can see, by studying the left hand column, that this particular user has chosen to backup several types of file (including Emails and Contacts from Outlook), but has decided not to tick Presentations, Music, Videos and Movies, or Emails and Contacts from email clients other than Outlook (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora).
    Back up emails, including Outlook.pst files, securely with Mozy.
    Before moving on, it is worth noting three things in passing. First, Mozy tracks down all the available email files from the major email clients for backup. If you have tried to backup Outlook or Outlook Express yourself, you will already be aware that Microsoft has made these files difficult to find, but Mozy helpfully digs them out for you. Secondly, by clicking on the Email and Contacts (Outlook) option, you have the option of selecting or ignoring particular files for backup. In this case the user has selected to backup every available Outlook.pst file. And while you're about it, you may wish to select other types of file to backup as well.

  • Once you have selected your files for backup, click "Save". You only need to do this configuration routine once. Mozy will remember it for the future.

  • Click on the Schedule Tab and choose the relevant options. Backup emails securely with Mozy.
    You could easily select the option to let Mozy backup automatically for you. In this particular instance the user has chosen to have Mozy backup her or his documents at 08:00 hours every morning. Again, click "Save".

  • Mozy should happily now go about doing its work, allowing you to relax in the comfort and security of knowing that important things are safe. Sometimes there are a few glitches to start with - these are almost always caused by your firewall trying to stop Mozy from connecting to the Mozy servers. The Mozy site has a full page of instructions in their FAQ section simply explaining how to solve this. Basically, you have to add Mozy to the list of programs that your firewall recognises as friendly.

Mozy: 2GB free, remote, secure backupMozy is the easiest and the best!

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