Remote Accounts Backup

2GB of Free, Encrypted Backup for Financial Data with Mozy

Use Mozy to save your accounts files and important financial data. Just follow the simple steps below:
  • First of all you need to sign up for Mozy. They will send you a link. Click on it and download the free backup program.

  • Once you have downloaded and installed Mozy, the program should do an automatic first configuration. If for some reason it doesn't, click on the configure option. The program initially reads the files that you have available for backup and helpfully sorts them into categories for you. In the screen capture below you can see, by studying the left hand column, that this particular user has chosen to backup several types of file, including Financial Data. The accounts files that were available are listed in the right hand column. Backup your accounts and financial data for free with Mozy.
    Before moving on, it is worth noting two things in passing. First, Mozy tracks down all the available accounts files from the major accounting programs for backup (this user has Quickbooks files). If you have financial data stored on spreadsheets you will also see from the left hand column of the screencapture above that Mozy searches for spreadsheet files as well so that you can easily select these (your Excel files for example) to backup. Secondly, by clicking on the Financial Date option, you have the option of selecting or ignoring particular files for backup. This user has selected all of them for backup. He has chosen to backup the original Quickbooks files, and also the compressed backups of those original files that were stored on his computer's C drive (yes, he is paranoid). And while you're about it, you may wish to select other types of file to backup as well.

  • Once you have selected your files for backup, click "Save". You only need to do this configuration routine once. Mozy will remember it for the future.

  • Click on the Schedule Tab to select how frequently you want Mozy to carry our automatic backups.
    Secure backup for financial data and accounts with Mozy.
    In this particular instance the user has chosen to have Mozy backup her or his documents after every 10 minutes if the computer is not using over 50% of it's resources. You can set the details to suit your own needs. Some people prefer to carryout a backup at a particular time each day, and you can easily set Mozy to do that for you. Once you have chosen your backup option for your Accounts, click "Save".

  • If you have ever had a drive crash three quarters of the way through your financial year, you know how important it is to have a secure, reliable backup system. Once setup, Mozy should happily now go about doing its work, allowing you to relax in the comfort and security of knowing that important financial data is safe. Sometimes there are a few glitches to start with - these are almost always caused by your firewall trying to stop Mozy from connecting to the Mozy servers. The Mozy site has a full page of instructions in their FAQ section simply explaining how to solve this. Basically, you have to add Mozy to the list of programs that your firewall recognises as friendly. It really is worth the effort trying to overcome any initial minor glitches.

Mozy: 2GB free, remote, secure backupMozy is the easiest and the best!

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