Secure, Automatic, Remote Backup

2GB of Free, Encrypted Backup with Mozy

Free and secure data backup with MozyRemember the last time your computer crashed?
All those files gone - the company reports, the important letters, the family photos, the accounts, the emails and address book ...Why go through that pain when Mozy provides a secure, encrypted, automatic back-up service?

"I am a Director of a small limited company. You can imagine the panic when my computer crashed. All the client data and accounts, all the publicity materials and letters, all the templates. We could easily buy another computer or drive, but retrieving all the data would have been a nightmare without Mozy. Thankfully we had everything backed up securely with Mozy. It was restored on the new machine in minutes. And Mozy is so easy to operate. It works silently, reliably, automatically in the background. Without Mozy my business would have faced serious and expensive inconvenience for at least a week. I wouldn't be without it."
James Rye, Director, Connections Counselling Ltd

You were going to do something to make sure you would never find yourself in that position, weren't you?

Now you can do something about it for free with Mozy.
Get a massive 2GB of backup space absolutely free.
Get a free program (Mozy) that securely and automatically backs up the content you choose at the frequency you choose.

What is Mozy?

Mozy is a simple and smart way to protect your data. You simply install it on your PC, set it up and then never worry about data loss again. No need to remember to burn the CD's or DVD's. No external hard drives to buy or maintain.

Specifically Mozy:
  • Is simple to setup
  • Performs backups automatically in the background
  • Encrypts all files on your PC before transfer
  • Performs incremental backups
  • Backs up only blocks that have changed
  • Backs up open/locked files
Click HERE to try it out, or to find out more information. It's free.

Does It Work?

Yes, it does. Quietly, securely, in the background, automatically effortlessly looking after the things you don't want to loose. Sleep at night and let Mozy remember for you and take the fret out of keeping important data stored on your computer.

But What About Security?

Hey these people aren't fools. They know you would never dream of using anything that wasn't safe. If you are going to use more than 2GB of storage the Mozy people will want to charge you a reasonable price for extra space, so it is in their interests to offer something really sound. The free, automatic backup program (Mozy) encrypts your data before it backs up. (If you're really interested, when you use Mozy, your files are encrypted on your PC using 448-bit Blowfish encryption and then transferred to the Mozy servers using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.)

Click HERE to try it out, or to find out more information. It's free.

Alternatives to Mozy?

Well, you could:

  • Do nothing about backup. Grow feathers and stick your head in the sand and repeat: "I'm an ostrich, I'm an ostrich," in the firm belief that if you say it often enough, your computer will never crash and your valuable data will never ever be lost.
  • Buy an external hard drive, cross your fingers, and hope that it never breaks down, that your house or office never catches fire or gets burgled, and that your teenage children never ever bring alcohol or coffee within a five mile radius of your desk.
  • Remember, without fail, to burn a new DVD or CD every Friday night and store them safely and securely using that well-organised system that you have in the secret place that you never forget.
  • Pay someone else a lot of money to use an outdated system. After all, why get the best for free when you could pay good money to get something inferior?
  • Run a cron job of rsync, gzip and mcrypt piped over ssh to your friends server over his DSL line.
Mozy is the easiest and the best!

How to use Mozy to:

Backup Emails

Backup Accounts

Use Mozy to back up your files, your pictures, your music, your videos, anything you want.


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